National Tire Wholesale (NTW) Now offers Excel's Digital Air Inflation Solutions

Short-term Return on Investment

 Proper tire inflation is now a manual process that eats up valuable time throughout the day. This slows down your workflow during busy times, to the detriment of both profitability and customer satisfaction.

Streamline operations and your workflow

Your tire techs can now make proper inflation part of your Standard Operating Procedure — achieving accuracy within .5 PSI and inflating 4 tires under 90 seconds with precision and speed.

Increase safety for your technicians

When you incorporate digital air calibration into your workflow, it increases your employees’ safety. Knowing that the correct air pressure will be delivered into the vehicle’s tires, this standard operating procedure will minimize the risk of accidents due to over-inflation.


Excel Air Machines

Did you Know there are over 800,000 tire pressure checks at a C-store or Gas Station a year as opposed to a Tire shop or Auto repair shop.


SC05-SS Saving Calculator

Return on Investment Excel Air Machine