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Pilot School

Are you looking for the best pilot school to help you achieve your goal of becoming a commercial pilot?

If so, FlyBy offers an integrated ATPL program that will help students with no flight experience become licensed to become a commercial pilot within 14 months. The program costs only 69,300, including housing, meals, and everything you need to complete the program. To learn more about this intensive training option click here.

We have also put together a guide for students to help them avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when training to become pilots. The FREE report, “Avoid These 21 Flight Training Mistakes” will guide future pilots towards a more profitable career in flying.

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pilot training mistakes

If you have ever dreamed of taking to the skies and piloting your own plane, FlyBy Aviation Academy is the place for you. As one of the leading commercial pilot schools, we have helped countless students receive their career pilot certificates and achieve their aviation goals. But despite our high success rate, comprehensive course, and esteemed faculty, we strive to keep our prices low. This allows us to welcome everybody to our airline pilot school, making flight training a possibility for everybody.

If you are ready to pursue your dream by enrolling in a FlyBy course, there are a few things you should do to prepare for your training. We’re going to be outlining the most important of them in this article.

Here’s everything you need to do so you can hit the ground running and learn to fly at our professional pilot program!

Consult Experienced Airline Pilots

Nobody can tell you what flight school is like better than those who have already completed it. This is why you should be sure to reach out to a few experienced pilots before beginning your training. They’ll be able to talk you through the entire education process, so you’ll know what to expect from the moment your education begins and getting your private pilot license, to FAA tests (EASA in Europe), through to your graduation and type ratings with your new employer. They can also talk to you about the pilot shortage that has been projected in the commercial airline industry. Don’t be shy about contacting pilots. They are usually more than happy to share their experiences and help mold the next generation of fliers.

Use A Flight Simulator

Flight simulators are essential tools for pilots. You’ll certainly use one throughout your time in our flight school. You should also continue to use one after graduation, so you can keep your skills sharp. We encourage those considering aviation education to use a flight simulator before their course even begins. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the workings of simulators and develop some aviation basics independently. A desktop simulator is the best option, but it could cost you a lot of money. If you’d rather keep your spending to a minimum, there are several quality simulator apps that will allow you to practice from the comfort of your smartphone.

If you really want to get a head start on flying you can get your private pilot certificate to see if you enjoy the being in the air and want to pursue a pilot career. If you enjoy the experience you can seek to get your commercial license, become instrument rated, receive your multiengine rating, and pass pilot knowledge tests to help alleviate the coming pilot shortage many have been fearing. However, you do not have to have your private pilot certificate if you know you want to fly for a living. FlyBy accepts people with no flight experience into their ATPL integrated training and can credit a certain numer of hours for people that already have their PPL rating.

As you advance in your training, we have a set of sophisticated simulators that provide a very realistic experience of being in a cockpit of a large commercial jet. Since commercial jets cost a lot of money to fly, sophisticated simulators are the only realistic way of training on such aircraft before you are employed by a major airline.

Obtain Medical Certification

Pilots must be examined by an aviation medical examiner before they are permitted to take to the skies. We recommend obtaining your medical certification before you begin your course. This will give you plenty of time to identify and rectify any medical issues which may prevent you from securing your license. If you need us to help you obtain your Class I Medical we can do so. Your Class I certificate is included in the 69,300 Euro all inclusive fee, although if you already have a certification you will receive a $400 discount from this price.

Participate In A Fly Along

Flying in a light aircraft is very different from flying in a commercial plane. If you have never taken a ride in a light aircraft before, we suggest reaching out to a seasoned pilot and asking if you can accompany them on a flight. This will allow you to get comfortable inside a light aircraft without the pressures of piloting it. It will also allow you to see plane controls being used up close and personal. If possible, participate in multiple fly alongs with several different pilots. The more air time you can rack up before the beginning of your course, the better!

Listen To ATC Communications

While in flight, pilots must maintain regular communication with air traffic control. This ensures they follow a safe path, with no risk to themselves and their passengers, not to mention other pilots and their passengers. You can easily listen in to live ATC communications online. As well as being extremely interesting, these live audio communications are a great way for a budding pilot to familiarize themselves with industry vernacular.

Study Aviation History

Most of your education at our aviation academy will center around practical flight skills and relevant theory. However, we also encourage our students to read up on the history of flight and the aviation industry. This is the best way to strengthen your passion for flying and motivate yourself to complete your education. There are plenty of books, documentaries, and podcasts that cover aviation history. These sources make learning easy, accessible, and, above all, fun!

The Selection of an Integrated Programme Over a Modular Course Is a Smart Move

Potential employers prefer candidates to have graduated from an integrated ATPL program. Modular programs will also cost you more in the long run because you might have overlapping or redundant training and it will take you much longer to begin to earn your first paycheck. With FlyBy's integrated ATPL program you could go from never having been in a cockpit to an ATPL certified pilot ready to be hired by a major carrier in only 14 months.

Save, Save, Save For Your Pilot Training Future

Flight school can be extremely demanding. It requires a great deal of dedication and concentration on the part of the student. As such, many people find it difficult to balance their education and with their working life and must sacrifice the latter in order to complete the former. This is why you should be sure to start saving money long before you begin flight school. If you choose to put your working life on hold during your education, these savings will allow you to live comfortably throughout your course.

If you join an intensive ATP integrated course such as the one at FlyBy you will need to spend the next 14 months dedicated to your flying career as you will have little extra time for side jobs. You will be working with our flight instructors to impart their pilot knowledge to you to help you become a career pilot. It is thus ideal if you can find financing for your education upfront.

Let Us Help You Become a Flying Pilot!

FlyBy offers an airline transport pilots (ATPS) program that can take you from having no private pilot license or any experience whatsoever to being qualified for an aviation career at a commercial airline in as little as 14 months. This includes being taught as a student pilot to pass the knowledge tests, becoming instrument rated, gettng your multiengine rating, and get all the certifications necessary to fly with a commercial airline. This is all for only 69,300 euros with all expenses including housing, airline fees, exam fees, 3 meals a day, shuttles to the airport, etc. included.

One of the reasons that we can charge so little is that we accomplish more in less time. This is because we have an aggressive flight schedule that maximizes the amount of flight time that students can schedule for airline pilot instruction in the air. The instructor pilots and flight resources are such that students do not have to struggle to schedule plane time as often happens with other airline transport pilots (ATPS) ground schools and your average fllight academy inc. Since total flight time is maximized, all the pilot certificates necessary to begin one's aviation career can be successfully completed within 14 months.

FlyBy Aviation Academy is second to none when it comes to commercial aviation education. We are not your average total flight academy inc that treats students more like numbers than people.This is proven by the many positive testimonies of our former students, as well as the flight success they went on to as they were hired by commercial airlines and achieved their type ratings.

We invite you to one of our Open Days to hear from our current student pilots and flight instructors as well as tour our facilities and aircraft. That way you can compare us to other grounds schools and flight academys.

If you want to be among these success stories, contact us today on +44 7828 886964 or fill out the contact form below:

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