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How Digital Air Inflation Services Can Help Gas Stations Drive Sustainability

Excel Tire Gauge – America’s leading manufacturer of air machines – has been shifting its focus toward sustainability and developing improved products to support and impact the growing global emphasis on sustainability. Like so many other industries, transportation and gas stations across the world have a prime opportunity to significantly contribute to this effort; and knowing how is critical. 

Underinflated tires are a significant contributor to higher fuel consumption, higher fuel costs, and higher carbon emissions, as noted by the U.S. Department of Energy. Maintaining properly inflated tires is an easy trouble-free activity that can reduce all of the above – fuel consumption, expense, and carbon emissions. 

By offering an air machine, gas stations can play a
critical role in significantly impacting the environment and drivers’ safety.

According to U.S. Department of Energy, a federal government website that helps consumers make informed fuel economy choices and helps them achieve the best fuel economy possible from the cars they own, approximately 10% vehicles operate with under-inflated tires, and at worst-case this number goes up to 25%! In January 2023, there were about 291 million vehicles on US roads, which demonstrates that between 30-70 million cars are operating below their tire inflation efficiency. 

Furthermore, properly inflated tires are also essential for road safety. Poor tire pressure can lead to accidents due to poor handling, increased braking distances, and even tire failure. Excel Air Machines knows that road safety is significantly improved when tires are properly inflated tires. This means that gas station owners and service centers that prioritize safety and sustainability can rest assured they are giving their customers peace of mind on the road; and their customers can trust they are receiving safer and well-serviced vehicles with accurate tire pressure. All while reducing fuel consumption, car expenses and carbon emissions.

By using the Excel Air Machine, gas stations are reducing the risk of
accidents and making roads safer for everyone.

The Excel Air Machines are more precise than traditional air pumps, thanks to our advanced-technology calibration head that provides accurate tire pressure readings. Unlike traditional air pumps that rely on often inaccurate manual gauges, the Excel Air Machine guarantees that tires are inflated to the correct pressure, improving fuel efficiency and safety while reducing wear and tear on tires.


Why investing in air machines is so important for our global population:

Cost savings
Lower fuel consumption

Lower carbon emissions

Improved car mileage

Increased road safety
Owner satisfaction
Happy, safe consumers

Having an Excel Air Machine available for your customers takes the guesswork out of tire inflation. Our on-site, easy-to-operate digital air inflation service provides a great selling point for gas stations – especially while more and more consumers prioritize environmentally friendly practices. 

The Excel Air Machine will set gas stations apart from their competitors by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and safety, building trust with customers, and being a one-stop-shop for excellent vehicle maintenance. This investment will positively increase their customer base.

In conclusion, the Excel Air Machines provide gas stations with the ultimate opportunity to make a significant contribution to our global environment, sustainability, and safety. By investing in our accurate air solutions, gas stations will help create a more sustainable and safer future for everyone.

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