Revenue share Program

Choose our revenue share program to offer the best digital air machine for your customers at Zero Cost!




Revenue Share Program
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Extra Revenue

We’ll install and maintain our modern air machine while generating revenue for your business at Zero Cost. 

Site Traffic

Our easy to use digital air machine will increase customer visits to your gas station.

Air Machine Performance

On average, when compared to regular air inflators, pay air sales increase 30% – 45% in revenue with our air machine.


Excel Air Machines

Stainless Steel Air Machine Available in Four Colors (Blue, Red, Green and Yellow) with Vacuum Attachment, Coin and Credit Card Payments, Water, Air Compressor, Air Sign, Customized Decal and more.

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Full Service Revenue Share Program

Everything on us at Zero Cost for you!

All Included:
Excel Advanced Air Machine


We will install Excel’s most advanced air machine with exclusive features at zero cost for your gas station.


We offer complete maintenance and support at zero cost for your gas station.

We Offer Complete Maintenance
Excel People Installation Techniques


Our team of specialists and technicians will assist you during installation.

Coin Collection & Payment

We do all the hard work for you: Coin collection, Coin Count and Quarter Check Payment.

Coin Collection & Payment

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