Excel Tire Gauge Air Machines vs. Regular Air Inflators

At Excel Tire Gauge, we always strive to produce the best digital air machines on the market. Our products have been known to increase pay air sales up to 45% when compared to regular air inflators while providing a precise and fast air calibration. With a growing base of over 150,000 air machines all over the country, there is a reason we are America’s Leader in Digital Air Inflation – the quality of our product is far superior to the rest of our industry.

What makes our digital air machines the best? The answer starts with our technology.


Our advanced-tech calibration head was the first of it’s kind to hit the market. This innovative technology is included in every Excel Tire Gauge product to make inflation easier and more efficient with consistent, quick, and precise automatic calibration.

Our advanced-tech calibration head automatically inflates or deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. All the user needs to do is attach the chuck to their valve stem, set the target PSI, and wait. The unit will stop inflating as soon as the tire reaches the target PSI.

As you can imagine, this makes tire inflation much easier for drivers, tire technicians, and anyone who uses our products. While imitators have attempted to produce similar technology, none have come close to the quality of our design.

The advanced-tech calibration head isn’t the only time we were first to market with a major technological innovation. We were also the first company to introduce an EMV Compliant reader in the air market. We include Nayax’s VPOS Touch card reader to allow customers to pay by credit, debit card, or mobile payments if they would prefer that method over cash or change. This has been a major step forward for air machines as society trends towards using less and less physical currency.


The dependability of our machines is just as important as the technology we put into them – if not, more important. Thanks to extensive testing, quality control, and approach to manufacturing, our digital air pressure gauge are the most accurate on the market.

Our air pressure gauges also last for years. Their durability makes them a trusted tool for drivers who need an emergency tire inflation. This goes a long way in helping the businesses that choose our products, make a lasting positive impression on their customers.

Customer Service

Another major part of why our products are the best is the support that comes with them. Our headquarters and support team are all centered in Rhode Island, meaning help is always one phone call away if you need it. This leads to quick answers whenever you need them whether you need tech support or warranty coverage.

To purchase one of our automatic digital air machines or learn more about them, visit Shop.exceltiregauge.com!

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