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The benefits of proper tire inflation for a fleet or auto rental facility are extensive. By using Excel digital air machines, rapid and accurate inflation becomes the norm. Instead of only addressing it during preventive maintenance milestones, it becomes an integral part of the vehicle preparation process. Experience the advantages of maintaining properly inflated tires for your fleet or rental facility.


Recommended Air Machines & Automatic Tire Inflators

Product Description: Powerful yet slim, this Free Air machine features our innovative digital air inflation system along with premium upgrade options such as a more powerful compressor and vacuum attachment.
Original Main features section: Vacuum Machine, Water Kit, LED Illuminated Sign , Internal Air Compressor and more.

Main Features: Stainless Steel Cabinet, Internal Air Compressor, Customizable Design, Credit Card Machine (optional), etc.

Product Description: Designed for indoor use, this professional-grade air machine is compact and easy to operate.

Parts Included: Open End Hold-on Chuck and 30ft Coil Hose.

Product Description: Designed specifically for outdoor conditions, this automatic tire inflator is ideal for businesses seeking a digital air solution to calibrate vehicle tires up to 145 PSI.

Parts Included: Open End Hold-on Chuck and 30ft Coil Hose.

Did You Know?

Underinflating a tire not only compromises its overall lifespan but also leads to a 10% reduction in longevity for every 10% of underinflation.


Our Product Advantages

fleet airmachine safety
Business Benefit

Enhance Safety and Reduce Liability

Improper tire inflation can have harmful effects on braking, acceleration, and handling. To combat the risk of accidents caused by tire-related issues, Excel digital air machines offer consistent and precise calibration. By implementing regular and proper inflation practices, you can effectively minimize liability claims and prevent costly lawsuits arising from tire blowouts.

Equipment Advantages:

Reduce Tire Expenses by Minimizing Tread Wear

Save big on tire replacement costs in the auto rental and fleet industry with Excel digital air machines. These machines extend the lifespan of your fleet’s tires, resulting in significant savings and increased resale value. Not only that, but your customers will also enjoy the utmost comfort, handling, and assurance during their rental experience.

Tire Replacement
Saving Money on Gas

Boost Your Brand with Eco-Conscious Benefits

Excel digital air machines not only decrease gas consumption for customers but they also help reduce toxic emissions across your entire fleet. As a result, you’ll be able to confidently promote the benefits of proper tire inflation to your customers – making them feel good about saving money and their environmental impact when renting from your business. 


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