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Air Machine

Dependable and straightforward, this air machine features our innovative digital air inflation system, a customizable design, and premium upgrades such as a more powerful compressor and vacuum attachment.

Recommended for:

Gas Stations and C-Stores, Tire Shops, Auto Repairs & Quick Lubes, Car Washes, Fleets, Car Dealerships & Auto Rentals, Commercial and Residential

Free Air Machine
SC05-SS Free Air Machine
Sc05-ss | air Machine

With automatic, digital air calibration, your customers can enjoy consistently precise and speedy tire inflation every time.

Technology & Design
Digital Technology

Automatically inflates and deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure.

Vacuum Attachment (Optional)

Offer more services to your customers by combining both the digital air machine and vacuum attachment into one product.

Wireless Accessibility (Optional)

Wireless monitoring system gives you real-time access to revenue, equipment status, and more - anywhere, anytime.

Cashless Payment (Optional)

Adding a credit card payment option offers customers a simple, efficient, & convenient way to pay for air and vacuum service.

Air and Vacuum Machines
Truck Air Compressor (Optional)

Add more power to your air machine by choosing the 2HP Air Compressor (Maximum Pressure 120 PSI).

Air Illuminated Sign (Optional)

The illuminated ‘AIR’ sign will grab customers' attention day or night.

Customizable Decal (Optional)

Air machine decals can be fully customized to your preference including your logo, brand colors, and instruction layout.

Other Features:

Water Kit, Heater, Remote Control, Choose Vending Time / Price and more.

Parts Included

Open End Hold-on Chuck
Open End Hold-on Chuck
30ft Coil Hose
30ft Coil Hose
Internal Air Compressor (80 PSI)
Internal Air Compressor (80 PSI)
Product NameSC05-SS Free Air Machine

SC05-SS (w/ Vacuum)

Height: 53.44 inches (136.00 cm)
Width: 26.69 inches (68.00 cm)

SC05-SS (w/o Vacuum)

Height: 49.87 inches (126.67 cm)
Width: 11.00 inches (28.00 cm)


SC05-SS (w/ Vacuum)

160 lbs (72.60 kg)

SC05-SS (w/o Vacuum)

110 lbs (49.90 kg)

Electrical Frequency60 Hz
Electrical Consumption13 AMPS or 21 AMPS (2HP Truck Air Compressor)
Recommended Circuit Breaker20 A – Class C or 30 A – Class C (2HP Truck Air Compressor) 
Air Pressure Default Setting32 PSI
Air Calibration Range4 – 80 PSI or 4 – 120 PSI (2HP Truck Air Compressor)
Average Air Flow3.4 – 2.5 CFM or 5.3 – 4.2 CFM (2HP Truck Air Compressor)
Max Pressure Output80 PSI or 120 PSI (2HP Truck Air Compressor)
Operational Temperature (w/ Heater)-30 – 140˚ F
Air Relative Humidity w/o Condensation0 – 95%
Accuracy< 1 % F.S.

Air Machine Premium Features

Digital Air Credit Card Air Machine Coin
Technology Payment Solution

Credit Card Machine

With a 13% annual increase in credit card usage worldwide, it’s essential to provide your customers with convenient payment options. Our touch screen credit card reader simplifies and enhances the payment process for air and vacuum services.

More powerful

Truck Air Compressor

Built to offer automatic air calibration up to 120 PSI with precision and speed, our heavy duty truck mounted air compressor is capable of inflating tires of trucks, buses and other large vehicles.

Truck Air Compressor

Car Rental

How Excel Tire Gauge Streamlines the Car Rental Industry

Learn how the Budget Car Rental company streamlined their auto rental process, increased the longevity of their fleet, and improved safety for vehicle operators by partnering with Excel Tire Gauge for their tire inflation needs.

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