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The initial success of our automatic tire inflators at tire shops and gas stations was a driving force behind Excel Tire Gauge’s continued dedication to innovation. This drive led to a significant breakthrough years later when Excel developed and introduced the self contained air tower with credit card and online communications, which revolutionized the digital air inflation industry. Our growth and our customers’ success is now driven by data.

Guy Using Air Excel Machine

Our Products

The Recommended Air Machines for Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Red Air Machine SC 09

Product Description: Robust and reliable, this air machine features our innovative digital air inflation system, offers coin or cashless payment options, and wireless monitoring system.

Main Features: Stainless Steel Cabinet, Internal Air Compressor, Customizable Design, Vacuum Attachment (optional), etc.

Green Air Machine

Product Description: Powerful yet slim, this Free
Air machine features our innovative digital air inflation system along with premium upgrade options such as a more powerful compressor and vacuum attachment.

Main Features: Stainless Steel Cabinet, Internal Air Compressor, Customizable Design, Credit Card Machine (optional), etc.

Blue Wall Mount Air Machine

Product Description: Compact and convenient, this wall-mounted digital air machine is designed
to save you space and time with easy installation and operation.

Main Features: Stainless Steel Cabinet, Internal Air Compressor, Credit Card Machine (optional), etc.

Did You Know?

With more than 122,000 gas stations across the U.S., roughly 60% offer Pay Air Machines.


Pay Air


Free Air

Our Products

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Increase Site Traffic

Bring in more customers and keep them coming back to your business by offering this modern and attractive air machine.

Person on Hand

Enhance User Experience

User-friendly interface simplifies the tire calibration process so customers get precise & speedy tire calibration every time. Free, coin, or cashless payment options available for added convenience.

Monitor with Bar Charts

Data Driven

Effortlessly monitor your convenience store visits, air machine activities and stay updated with our interactive vending portal.


Our Product Advantages

Increase Pay Air Sales-01
Equipment PErformance

Increase Traffic and Convenience Store Sales

With Excel’s cutting-edge technology, our digital air machines are used more frequently than non-digital air machines. Not only do customers appreciate the convenience and efficiency, but they tend to return for gas or convenience store purchases, driving traffic and increasing sales. Our current clients have already seen these results, and as customers prioritize proper tire inflation, the positive impact on convenience stores will only grow.

Reasons Why:
Customer Experience

Improve Customer Loyalty

Our Excel Digital Air Machines simplify the tire inflation process for customers by eliminating the need for manual pressure checks with pens or gauges. Moreover, the machines stop automatically once the tire reaches the desired PSI, reducing the risk of over-inflation. By offering a hassle-free and efficient digital air inflation experience, we can enhance customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty to your business.

Improve Customer Loyalty
Gas Station Air Machine
Customer Care

Build Your Brand

Enhance your gas station’s reputation and customer satisfaction by offering our top-of-the-line air machines. Not only will this demonstrate your commitment to exceptional service, but it will also provide a hassle-free tire filling experience for your customers.

By ensuring proper tire inflation, you’ll also be prioritizing your customers’ safety and well-being. This goes hand in hand with improving driving performance and reducing the risk of accidents.

With our custom branded decals, you can elevate your gas station’s visibility and reputation in the market. Promote your brand and attract more customers by adding a personal touch to our Excel digital air machines.

What Our Customers Says About Us

Haffner’s/Energy North has been using Excel Tire Gauge’s Air Machines for many years. We have found them to be extremely durable (especially in harsh New England winters), user friendly and an excellent source of revenue for our company. Excel Tire Gauge has shown that not only do they make an outstanding product but they stand behind it every step of the way!

Haffner’s / Energy North Group Jonathan Ketchum
Nouria Air Machine

Costco relies exclusively on Excel Tire Inflators in all of our 507 US and Canadian Tire Centers. After years of testing and use, we find that the Excel Tire Inflators are both reliable and durable. Our initial goal was to provide accurate tire pressure to our Members, but we quickly realized that in doing so, the Excel Inflation System actually improved productivity in the tire installation and inflation top off processes. The Excel Tire Inflation System also improved safety for our technicians by allowing them to stay a greater distance from the tire and wheel assembly during the bead seating and inflation process.

Costco Wholesale Robert Moyer

RNR Tire Express and our franchisees have been placing the Excel Tire Gauge SC05 Stainless Steel Free Air at our locations across the country for several years. It has provided RNR with a valuable and proven way to attract and serve customers, build their loyalty and cross sell services and products. We have found Excel Tire Gauge and their team members to be knowledgeable and excellent to work with, both at the time of sale and more importantly with their long term support.

RNR Tire Express Ryan Schrader
RNR_Excel Air Machine_SC05_2

Excel Tire Gauge has been a strategic partner helping us grow and providing our C-stores with a competitive product. They are committed to seeing us succeed as Quick Stop Air continues to provide reliable air machine service to C-stores across the USA. We can always count on Jim and the team at Excel Tire Gauge to provide us with high quality parts and on-going support. Their product and support are unmatched.

Quick Stop Air Spencer Sheets
Quick Stop AirMachine from Excel Tire

Since incorporating Excel tire gauges into our facility it has helped increase our productivity and accuracy immensely. These are the most precise and durable gauges that we have ever used. We also added an outside inflation station for our customers to use, which has resulted in positive feedback for its ease of use and convenience. We are extremely pleased with our decision to team up with Excel and would highly recommend it to others.

Tires Plus Mark Stillman
Tires Plus Excel Air Machine

Tasca Automotive Group has been a dedicated user of the Excel Tire Gauge PNT4 Automatic Tire Inflators for many years. Not only do we find them to be extremely accurate when calibrating tire pressure but their ease of use helps to make our technicians more efficient. In our opinion Excel Tire Gauge makes a product that stands the test of time and most importantly they stand behind it every step of the way!

Tasca Automotive Group Don Belanger
Tasca Excel Air Marchine

Jay and his team have been great partners of Nouria for over 20 years, and we have continued to achieve success year after year with Excel’s commitment to service and response to all our store needs in New England. Excel’s team strives to ensure we have the best equipment at the most reliable and affordable rates for our customers, and we will continue to partner with Excel as we grow our store locations.

Nouria Energy Kevin Platt
Nouria Air Machine

We purchased 2 Excel air pumps approximately 6 years ago. They were one of the best equipment purchases we ever made. First in this day and age it is virtually impossible to find free air stations. Even the ones you pay for are expensive and difficult to use. Sometimes after you put your money in you find they don't work. We installed the air stations in a place in our lot that was easy to get to and yet out of our way. I could not believe how popular they became. Sometimes we even have cars lined up for their use. This is a great and inexpensive way to bring new customers to your place of business. It also eliminates the many low pressure lights that occur every year in the first cold days of winter. Excellent product and their service is good.

Melvin's Tire Pros Jim Melvin Sr.
Tires Plus Excel Air Machine

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