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Wall Mounted Air Machine

Our Most Compact and Convenient Air Machine Yet. Designed to Save You Space and Time.

Recommended for:

Gas Stations and C-Stores, Car Washes, Tire Shops, Quick Lubes, and Auto Repairs

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SCWM-23 | Wall Mounted Air Machine

Product Overview​

The ultimate solution for commercial and professional tire inflation. Crafted to meet the highest standards of precision, speed, and consistency to handle a high volume of tires daily, it is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations.

attractive design

Key Features & Benefits

Digital Technology

Automatically inflates and deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure.

Modern design

Sleek stainless steel construction and a large illuminated LCD display for easy readability.

Simple Installation

Space saving design can be installed anywhere an electrical outlet and wall are available, indoors or outdoors.

Easy Operation

A user-friendly dependable, and precise solution for professionals and consumers.

Cashless Payment

Credit card payments offers customers a simple, efficient, & convenient way to pay. Also available as a Free Air model.

Air Compressor

Includes an internal air compressor with maximum pressure up to 80 PSI.

Parts Included

Open End Hold-on Chuck
Open End Lock-on Chuck
30ft Coil Hose
30ft Coil Hose
Excel Air Machine GSE Compressor
Internal Air Compressor (80 PSI)
Product NameSCWM-23 Wall Mounted Air Machine
DimensionsHeight: 20 inches (56.52 cm)
Width: 11 inches (50.08 cm)
Weight43.00 lbs (27.94 kg)
Electrical Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption10 AMPS
Air Pressure Default Setting32 PSI
Air Calibration Range4 – 80 PSI
Average Air Flow3.4 – 2.5 CFM
Max Pressure Output80 PSI
Operational Temperature (w/ Heater)14 – 122˚ F
Air Relative Humidity w/o Condensation0 – 95%
Accuracy< 1 % F.S.

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