Wall Mounted Air Machine

This compact air machine is designed to be wall-mounted to optimize space and for ease of install where an electrical outlet is available. The SCWM-23 features digital air inflation, stainless steel cabinet, internal air compressor, and Free Air or Cashless Payment Options.

Recommended for:

Gas Stations and C-Stores, Car Washes, Tire Shops, Quick Lubes, and Auto Repairs

SCWM-23 | Wall Mounted Air Machine

Product Overview​

This commercial tire inflator is both designed and manufactured for all professional applications. Built to inflate a high demand of tires per day with precision, speed and consistency every time.

attractive design

Main Product Features

Digital Air Machine

Our easy to use air machine automatically inflates and deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure.

Modern design

Designed to be easy, clear & function accurately, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Crystal Display with Internal Illimitation

Large LCD display with back-light that provides easy tire pressure reading.

Internal Air Compressor

Our air machines come with internal air compressor with maximum pressure up to 80 PSI.

Credit Card Payment (Optional)

Cashless payment system offers customers a simple, efficient, and convenient way to pay for air services.

Other Features:

Heater, Wireless Monitoring System, Remote Control, Choose Vending Time / Price and more.

Parts Included

Open End Hold-on Chuck
Open End Lock-on Chuck
30ft Coil Hose
30ft Coil Hose
Excel Air Machine GSE Compressor
Internal Air Compressor (80 PSI)
Product NameSCWM-23 Wall Mounted Air Machine
DimensionsHeight: 20 inches (56.52 cm)
Width: 11 inches (50.08 cm)
Weight43.00 lbs (27.94 kg)
Electrical Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption10 AMPS
Air Pressure Default Setting32 PSI
Air Calibration Range4 – 80 PSI
Average Air Flow3.4 – 2.5 CFM
Max Pressure Output80 PSI
Operational Temperature (w/ Heater)14 – 122˚ F
Air Relative Humidity w/o Condensation0 – 95%
Accuracy< 1 % F.S.