Winter Air Machine Maintenance Tips

Just because it’s cold and snowy does not mean your customers won’t need to inflate their tires! When a potential customers’ TPMS light flashes on, don’t be the one who left them out in the cold due to poor winter air machine maintenance. When the opportunity arises to help a customer in need, having a well-maintained air machine that is there for your customers is a great way to create repeat business and customer loyalty. These tips will make sure your air machine is accessible to customers no matter the weather.

Keep a clear path to and around your air tower

Whether your air machine is ready for customer use or not, it does no one any good if your customers can’t get to the machine due to a buildup of snow. Make sure there is a path to the machine that is wide enough for even a large vehicle to fit in. To prevent any possible injuries, make sure the area around your tower is salted and sanded to provide traction. Many of the loyalty-boosting effects of providing air for customers is providing them with a positive experience and taking a nasty fall would certainly not help – and neither would having to shovel their own path to use your machine.

Prevent your chuck from freezing by keeping it in the metal cup attached to your machine

If your Excel Tire Gauge air machine is equipped with a heater, it will keep your machine running smoothly in sub-freezing temperatures. This applies to the chuck as well as long as you keep it in the metal cup that is meant to hold the chuck on the Excel Tire Gauge SC05-SSSC09-SS, and WM-SS air machines. Since the metal cup is attached to the heated machine, it will warm up causing the metal chuck to warm up as well. Since customers may not always put the chuck back where it belongs, we recommend checking on the chuck every few hours to make sure it is in the cup.

Purge your system to prevent freezing and air line blockages

When temperatures are below freezing, we recommend purging your machine during the warmest part of the day to prevent the buildup of moisture which can turn to ice. To do this safely, just do the following:

  1. Hold your chuck low to the ground, making sure it is not pointed at any person, vehicle, or object.
  2. Activate your machine, allowing air pressure to escape through the chuck and expel any moisture in your coil hose.

If you have any other questions about the maintenance or service of your machine, visit call 401-732-8420.

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