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Tire Shop, Auto Repair & Quick Lube AIR SOLUTIONS

Provide value to your customers, save time and improve technician safety with consistent and precise air pressure calibration.


Recommended Air Machines & Automatic Tire Inflators

Product Description: Powerful yet slim, this Free Air machine features our innovative digital air inflation system along with premium upgrade options such as a more powerful compressor and vacuum attachment.

Main Features: Stainless Steel Cabinet, Internal Air Compressor, Customizable Design, Credit Card Machine (optional), etc.

Product Description: Designed for indoor use, this professional-grade air machine is compact and easy to operate.

Main Features: Indoor Use Only, External Air Compressor Required, Air & Nitrogen Compatible

Product Description: Designed specifically for outdoor conditions, this automatic tire inflator is ideal for businesses seeking a digital air solution to calibrate vehicle tires up to 145 PSI.

Main Features: Outdoor Use Recommended, External Air Compressor Required, Air & Nitrogen Compatible, Up to 145 PSI

Did You Know?

 Under-inflated and worn tires can increase the likelihood of a crash by 3X.


Our Product Advantages

Customer Tire Shop Excel Air Machine
Equipment PErformance

Short-term Return on Investment

Experience increased efficiency and productivity with Excel Automatic Tire Inflators. Why waste precious time with a manual process that slows down your workflow? Our innovative tire inflators streamline the inflation process, allowing you to maximize productivity and focus on what really matters – ensuring customer satisfaction and driving profitability.

But that’s not all. Consider the costs associated with constantly replacing pen gauges. It’s a never-ending expense that quickly adds up. Imagine the savings you can achieve in just a year or two by eliminating the need for pen gauges altogether. The money you save on pen gauges can easily cover the cost of installing Excel digital air machines.

Equipment Advantages:
business efficiency

Streamline Operations and Your Workflow

For a tire shop, time is money. This is particularly true during peak periods, when any hiccup in the process detracts from both revenue and customer satisfaction. The installation of Excel digital air machines streamlines the inflation process with accuracy. Your tire techs can now make proper inflation a seamless part of your standard operating procedure — achieving accuracy within .5 PSI in just seconds

Streamline Operations and Your Workflow
Increase Safety for Your Technicians
employee safety

Increase Safety for Your Technicians

Ensure your employees’ safety by integrating digital air calibration into your workflow. This essential procedure guarantees precise air pressure delivery to vehicle tires, reducing the risk of accidents caused by over-inflation. Create a safer work environment for your team and enable them to focus on their tasks with confidence.

Customer Experience

Build Your Brand

Excel digital air machines help position your brand as an eco-friendly and customer-centric business. With proper tire inflation, customer are able to: 

    • Increase gas mileage 
    • Decrease carbon emissions
    • Prolong the life of their tires
    • Enhance their safety 
    • Save money
Tire Shop Automatic Tire Inflator

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