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The Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

You’ve probably heard a lot about the need for having your tires inflated to the correct pressure. Here’s why…
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 738 traffic fatalities in 2017 were caused by crashes related to tire problems. This number is likely much higher considering discrepancies in the reporting of traffic accidents.

The National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey carried out in 2012 showed that around 9% of vehicles in crashes experienced tire problems before the crash.

Many of these incidents will have been caused by tires that were either underinflated or overinflated, which is dangerous for different reasons.


Your tires withstand a lot of friction when they are in contact with the road, causing them to heat up. This is not a problem for tires that are correctly inflated because only a certain amount of the tire is in contact with the road at any one time. This limits the friction, preventing the tires from becoming too hot. If a tire is underinflated, however, more of it will be in contact with the road. This means more friction and more heat and the tire wear will increase. In some cases, it can lead to a full blowout.

Another reason is that a vehicle’s handling will be adversely affected by tires that are too soft. The driver will have less control when cornering and the vehicle will be less responsive under braking and during evasive maneuvers.


Driving on overinflated tires will also increase the wear and tear of the tire because the tire is under more pressure. This will lead to increased wear and tear and you are more likely to experience a blowout.

Overinflation will also cause the tire’s shape to become slightly distorted, reducing how much of the tire is in contact with the road surface. This, in turn, will reduce the grip the tire has on the road, resulting in a potentially catastrophic loss of control.

How Gas Stations and Car Washes Can do Their Part?

The correct inflation of tires should be the responsibility of the driver and the tire pressure should be checked regularly. They are not the only ones who can contribute to making the roads safer, however. A visit to a gas station is a perfect opportunity for drivers to carry out some light maintenance such as checking their tires. This means that gas stations, car washes, and other vehicle service facilities can also do their part by providing drivers with the tools they need to keep their tires inflated at a safe level. Companies that operate a fleet of vehicles can also provide the tools that help ensure tires are inflated correctly.

The best solution is for them to provide digital tire inflation facilities that will help them to check their tire level accurately and inflate or deflate them to the appropriate level. These facilities will typically be self-service, making them convenient for the driver and gas station staff, while easy payment systems will also help the business benefit financially from these having systems installed on their property.

Other Benefits of Maintaining the Right Tire Pressure

While road safety should be the paramount concern it’s not the only reason to be sure that tires are properly inflated. It can also be very beneficial for companies financially if they own a fleet of vehicles.

Fleets can save up to 3% a year in gas savings by having properly inflated tires. Poorly inflated tires make the transfer of energy from the tires to the road less efficient. This, in turn, means the engine has to work harder and this means more fuel is needed. The difference can be very noticeable even for a single vehicle making one journey. When there is a fleet of vehicles to be fueled, the difference in cost can put a considerable dent in a company’s profit margins.

There’s also the matter of maintenance. As mentioned, poorly inflated tires can cause them to deteriorate faster than they otherwise would. This means that (costly) tires need to be replaced more frequently. There’s also the chance of a blowout which can cause damage to the vehicle as well as putting peoples’ lives at risk.

Poorly inflated tires can also harm other parts of the car. The engine has to work harder, thus increasing the need for maintenance and repair. The vehicles’ suspension and chassis will also be put under greater pressure – again increasing the need for maintenance and repair.

The overall costs of not having correctly inflated tires can be significant. But it is also easily avoidable. Checking tire pressure and inflating or deflating accordingly takes just a few moments with easy-to-use equipment, yet so many companies still needlessly waste money.

Quality Tire Inflation Solutions

Here at Excel Tire Gauge, we have a range of solutions for ensuring proper tire inflation. This includes solutions that are ideal for garage stations and car washes, etc.

Our air machines are easy-to-use solutions that automatically correct the inflation of a tire. Whether a tire is underinflated or overinflated, the machine will add or remove air until the tire is at the correct pressure (within 0.5OPSI). They also come with an inbuilt air compressor that can compress air up to 80PSI. Also included are other features including a heater, remote control, a wireless monitoring system, and more. Optional payment systems make it easy for users to pay for the service.

Additional, optional features include:

  • Payment systems – Available for both models. The SCO55-SS can take credit cards and the SCO9-SS can take credit cards and coins.
  • Truck Air Compressor (SCO55-SS only) – The truck air compressor increases the maximum pressure to 120PSI making it suitable for trucks and other heavy vehicles.
  • Vacuum Machine – Diversify your services further by adding a vacuum machine that comes with a vacuum attachment. Have more customers leaving satisfied with the service you provide and telling their friends all about you.
  • Illuminated Sign – An illuminated ‘Air’ sign makes it easy for passers-by to see they can get their tires checked on your business’s premises. Not only will this help bring in people to get their tires checked but many of those people are also likely to buy gas and other items.
  • Customizable Decals – With customizable decals, you can have your machine displaying your business name and logo, while you can also choose the color and the overall layout. This will help you to keep the product consistent with your brand while also helping ensure it’s easy for your customers to use.

Still not convinced?

Below is an image of a blowout.

A blowout is not just a small puncture in the tire. Considering the pressures involved it only takes a tiny part of the tire to lose its integrity for the entire structure to fail. Imagine yourself driving at speed only for you to lose control of your vehicle. It’s easy to see how the results can be catastrophic for drivers, passengers, and other road users.
Ensuring tires are properly inflated is such a quick and easy task and doing so will help ensure you, your family, and your employees get home safely. With our tire inflation solutions, there’s no reason why you can’t help ensure the safety of yourself and other people around you.tire inflation solutions

Proper Tire Inflation
tire inflation solutions
tire inflation

damaged tire after tire explosion at high speed on highway

burst tire on the road

flat tire due to inappropriate tire inflation

For air-tower style digital air machines that can help prevent these dangers, click here!

For smaller automatic tire inflator solutions, click here.

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