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GSE Air Compressor

Durable air compressor that delivers high air flow and low energy consumption. It’s built to meet our air machines requirements while offering reliable and safe air solution for customers. 

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Comes w/ our Air Machines:

Stainless Steel Digital Air Machines SC05-SS, SC09-SS & SC12-SS

Excel Air Machine GSE Compressor
Excel Air Machine GSE Compressor
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ISO 9000
Twin-Headed Rocking Piston

Product Overview​

The GSE Compressor is a high pressure 2 stage rocking piston compressor with an max flow of 4.4 cfm. Rated at 5.7A and 650W, this compressor can reach a max pressure of 116 psi. Included with the GSE Compressor is the mounting plate and 4 hex screws, a 30uF start capacitor, two ¼” street elbow, a 3” copper nipple, ¼” Female Brass Tee and two ¼” male hose barbs.

DimensionsHeight: 187.5 (7.38″)
Width: 203.2 +- 0.5 (8″ +/- 0.2″ )
Weight16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
Electrical Frequency60 Hz
Model NumberZW500D2-30/7Y-(3)
Open Flow125 lpm (4.4 cfm)
Max Pressure (INT.)116 PSI (8 bar)
Max Vacuum-800mbar (23.6”Hg)
Current at rated load5.7A
Power at rated load650W (0.87HP)
Motor TypePSC
Starting Current17A
GSE Air Compressor

Air Machine Compatibility

All our Stainless Steel Digital Air Machines, such as the SC05-SS, SC09-SS & SC12-SS come equipped with the GSE Air Compressor (Twin-Headed Rocking Piston Series: ZW50Z12). You will get an air compressor with better performance than competitors, durability, and long life that GSE products are known for.

GSE Compressor

GSE International

National Distributor

GSE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oil-free OEM vacuum pumps and compressors. Established in 1997, they now produce over 1,000,000 units per year.

Through a strategic partnerships, Excel Tire Gauge became their national distributor for air compressors in U.S.. We supply their air compressors in the gas station, tire shop, fleet, car wash and some other industries.

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