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Excel Tire Gauge’s Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Air Solution for Your Company

Excel Tire Gauge knows tire care, and as America’s leading provider of digital air inflation solutions – with over 150,000 units installed across the United States – we have earned our reputation by providing the highest quality digital air machines available. 

As a gas station or convenience store owner, we know that choosing the best investments and services for your company is Rule #1!  Our success in serving businesses did not happen overnight; it was the result of our unwavering focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. 

When customers ask us about how to choose the best air machine for their company’s success, not only are we able to serve their industry, but we also offer investment options that are customized for their profitability and success.

Understanding Your Gas Station or C-Store’s Needs

At Excel Tire Gauge, we offer options that not only deliver the right air machine but we also offer programs that service the direct needs of our customers.

Evaluating your specific needs before choosing an air machine is essential. When you know the select needs of how your air machine will be utilized, you’ll better understand your air machine requirements for efficient operation. 

Being able to choose the best air machine based on your preferred outcomes is key. Your operations will become streamlined – all while ultimately delivering the best client satisfaction possible. 

First, all of Excel’s air machines are equipped with: 

  • Digital calibration
  • Robust air compressor
  • Customizable Decal (optional)
  • Heating for optimal performance (optional)
  • Vacuum attachment (optional)
  • Credit card payment (no need to fumble with coins – optional)

For optimum performance and customer satisfaction, we operate an extensive network that allows us to service and support you when choosing the right air machine investment for your company. Every option is available to you!

Direct Purchase

Direct purchase of an air inflation machine is exactly as it sounds. You want to own a durable air inflation machine that stands the test of time! With our easy online shopping experience, you can build the machine you want and receive your quote in less than 24 hours! From our online shopping 

Our customers get to decide whether they offer free air to their customers or create a revenue generator by installing an easy-to-use credit card option. 

When you own your air machine and charge a fee for air services, you can watch the money coming back to you. When offering free air, your new customers are likely lining up! 

As always, the Excel Tire team is available to service your machine. All it takes is one phone call!   

Our focus every day is to offer streamlined ease and functionality! 

Rental Program

When you choose to rent your air inflation machine, your company is likely to be a high-service, fast-paced environment that has no time to worry about maintenance or replacement parts. We have a lot of expertise in high-performance workplaces.

Like most rental programs, Excel requires a small monthly fee – but nothing like the first and last month’s rent, plus a security deposit! Our experienced sales team will work with you to set up exactly what you need and create the options that suit your business. 

Rental customers decide whether to offer free air or create revenue by including an easy-to-use coin or credit card option. Renters are able to track their income transactions in real-time while knowing Excel is delivering their maintenance & service. 

We provide and install our state-of-the-art pay air machines SC09-SS or free air machines SC05-SS at your location(s). 

In exchange for your rental of our air machine, you receive the machine installation and ongoing maintenance and replacement parts. You keep all the revenue generated from your pay-air transactions, so marketing this service will bring in even higher returns.

Revenue Share Program

Revenue Share is Excel’s easiest & fastest way to get your air machine up and running – with no upfront costs. In a nutshell, Excel handles everything so you can focus on running your business. Plain and simple.

The main difference between our rental program and revenue share depends on how you manage your business’s cash flow. Here are suggested considerations for you to ponder:

  • DIRECT PURCHASE: Making a one-time investment in a state-of-the-art, dependable, and effective air machine can bring your business passive and recurring revenue, lots of goodwill, and significant long-term savings with little overhead or maintenance.
  • RENT: If you prefer a small monthly cost while enjoying 100% of the revenue generated from your air machine, our rental program is for you.
    If you prefer to offer FREE air with your rental, pull in new and repeat customers, and generate proven goodwill, a small monthly cost (rental) is for you.
  • REVENUE SHARE: If you prefer to be completely hands-off while receiving a share of the revenue generated with your on-site air machine, then revenue share is your best bet!  Excel will deliver and maintain your air machine and send you a check! 

To guarantee long-term effectiveness and a better bottom line for your company means prioritizing wise investments in quality products – and all of the above, check that box! 

But don’t just listen to us; draw on the experiences of other business owners who have experienced the Excel difference. The testimonials on our website’s home page demonstrate how air machine investments keep owners in various industries happy.

One owner described how our air machine helped them increase customer satisfaction by streamlining the process of inflating their tires. Another client commended the dependability and precision of our products, emphasizing the long-lasting value they offer.


Choosing the appropriate air machine that fits your company’s service goals will completely up your game. It’s not just about filling tires; it’s about taking care of the unique requirements of your business.

Ready to make the best choice? We’re here to help. Contact us for advice on choosing the best air solution for your gas station or convenience store. We’re just a phone call away; your success is our top priority. 

Here’s a Cheat Sheet so you can choose your best option! 


EXCEL TIRE GAUGERevenue ShareRentalDirect Purchase
ExpensesNoneMonthly FeePurchase Price
Wireless TrackingYesYesYes
Color ChoiceAir ExcelYesYes
Maintenance & ServiceYesYesService Call
Replacement PartsIncludedIncludedPurchase

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