America’s Leader in Digital Air Inflation – Excel Tire Gauge

At Excel Tire Gauge, we always strive to produce the best digital air machines on the market. Our products have been known to increase pay air sales by up to 45%, when compared to regular nondigital air inflators, while providing a precise and fast air calibration. With a growing base of over 150,000 air machines all over the country, there is a reason we are “America’s Leader in Digital Air Inflation,” and the answer starts with our technology.

Our advanced-tech calibration head was the first of its kind to hit the market. This innovative technology is included in every Excel Tire Gauge unit to make inflation easier and more efficient with consistent, quick, and precise automatic calibration. All the user needs to do is attach the chuck to their valve stem, set the target PSI, and wait. The unit will stop inflating as soon as the tire reaches the target PSI. As you can imagine, this makes tire inflation much easier for drivers that stop at your gas station.

The SC09-SS is our pay air machine that is made of a stainless steel cabinet; accepts coin and credit card payments; has an internal air compressor, a vacuum, and LED-illuminated sign; can be customized with decals; and has many more additional features. It is a complete product for the gas station industry, but we never stop bringing more technology to it. Now, we are introducing the new locking system for remote coin box access with high-end security. This allows customers to open the lock via a remote key fob and remove the coin box without reaching inside the cavity. Best part is you only need one key fob to access your money across your fleet of air machines. Gone are the days of having to guess which key is for the coin box.   

If you want to learn more about our air machines, product features and benefits for your gas station, visit us at Booth #3738 during the 2022 NACS Show. We will be offering exclusive discount only for people who visit us at the show.

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