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What Are the Benefits of Having a Free Air Machine In Front Of Your Tire Shop?

Are you considering having a free air machine in front of your tire shop? If you are, you might be wondering what the benefits are to you. You will likely be pleased to hear that there are numerous benefits and this article take a closer look at what some of those benefits are.

Attract More Customers

Some passers-by will stop at your store shop to have their tires inflated. This might not sound like a great opportunity at first considering they’re getting the air for free, but it gives you a chance to start talking with them. You can start building a rapport with them and check their other tires and, if you spot a problem, then they’re in the right place to get the problem fixed.

This means that your free air machine will help you attract new customers who would otherwise have passed your shop by without ever coming in.

Improve Customer Loyalty

People who have a good experience doing business with you are more likely to come back again for more business in the future. Not only will a free air machine attract new customers, but it will also help add more value to your services for customers shopping at your store anyway.

When you provide a good service, people are also more likely to recommend you to friends and family for new tires. Plus, of course, you will be recommended to people looking to have their tires inflated, giving you even more opportunity to bring in new customers.

“Since incorporating Excel Tire Gauges into our facility it has helped increase our productivity and accuracy immensely. These are the most precise and durable gauges that we have ever used. We also added an outside inflation station for our customers to use, which has resulted in positive feedback for ease of use and convenience. We are extremely pleased with our decisions to team up with Excel and would highly recommend it to others.” (Mark S., Tire Plus)

Improve Customer Safety

Poorly inflated tires can be dangerous, but still, many people drive with that have not been inflated to the right level, including about 40% of teens. Improperly inflated tires mean that the tires may have less grip on the road than usual, potentially causing problems when cornering and braking. Blowouts also become more likely, which can be very problematic indeed when travelling at high speeds. And according to a 2003 NHTSA report, about 45% of SUVs that had tire problems in the pre-crash phase rolled over.

While letting your customer properly inflate their tires may not always benefit you financially, it’s still a great thing to help keep them safe. You will also be helping to keep the roads safer overall for other roads users, including yourself and your loved ones.

Suitable for Any Tire Store

Our air machines are suitable for just about any tire store, no matter how large or small. In addition to providing air machines for many small businesses, we have also served some of the biggest names in the industry, including:

·       Costco

·       RNR

·       Bridgestone Affiliated Retailers

·       BJ’s

·       Sam’s Club

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Excel Tire Gauge! Excel has a great line of products that we feel extremely benefit our dealer network. The in bay PNT PRO air machine make checking tire pressure easy, accurate and less time consuming. While the outdoor SC05-SS with lighted “Free Air” LED sign will drive traffic to your store.” (Barry F. / Jay G., Bridgestone)

Our Air Machines

Our air machines are made to be very easy to use, automatically inflating or deflating tires to the required pressure. An internal air compressor is included and the equipment is housed in a steel cabinet. Our machines are available in different colors, have low energy consumption, and come with a 1-year warranty.

Our SC05-SS Free Air Machine come with a variety of other features, including:

·       Illuminated ‘air’ sign

·       Water kit

·       Heater

·       Vacuum Machine (optional)

·       Customizable Decals (optional)

·       Truck Air Compressor (optional)


Have our air machines installed can help you to attract more paying customers into your tire store. Not only that, but the machines can also help add value to your brand, creating more loyal customers and resulting in more referrals. Plus, of course, there’s the matter of helping to make the roads safer for everybody, including people close to you. 

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