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It’s the Perfect Time to Review the Impact of Advancements on the Auto Industry: A Look at WHY Air Inflation Machines Matter – A LOT!

The auto industry is a shining example of human inventiveness and innovation in a constantly changing world. Vehicles are advancing quickly in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. 

These fast-paced advancements keep air inflation machines front and center. Great auto performance demands that your tires are inflated properly. Knowing your tires are well cared for, a very important fact, means knowing you are using Excel Tire Gauge machines.

As the industry leader in innovation, serving over 75% of the US market, Excel prides itself on being the only company focused entirely on air inflation machines. We’ll examine the effects of technical development on the automotive sector in more detail, with an emphasis on air inflation devices.

The Driving Force Behind Technological Advancements

Innovation has always flourished in the automotive sector. The way we engage with our vehicles has undergone a complete transformation as a result. In recent years, and with the influx of digital operations, our cars have allowed families to get work done, watch movies, pull up maps and directions, inform us about service needs and levels of performance, and they even speak to us!

The automotive sector is developing at a record-breaking rate, from hybrid, to fully electric, to autonomous driving. The ongoing goal to increase safety, lessen environmental impact, and boost overall vehicle performance fuels these improvements.

Air Inflation Machines – A Breath of Fresh Air for the Industry

One excellent illustration of how cutting-edge technology is influencing the automotive industry is on air inflation equipment. These devices, frequently seen in gas stations, convenience stores, and tire shops, provide a quick and practical way to keep the ideal tire pressure. Tire inflation used to be a manual process that was frequently neglected, but air inflation machines have altered the game by automating and streamlining the procedure – and our cars won’t let us forget that our tires need air!

The Importance of Proper Inflation

You’ve heard us say this many times – maintaining adequate tire pressure is essential for your vehicle’s performance and safety. A once-a-month check is vital.

Overinflated tires may cause a rougher ride and less grip, while underinflated tires may result in decreased fuel economy, higher tire wear, and compromised handling.

This is why exacting air inflation machines excel (see what we did there? ;-). They guarantee that your tires are always inflated properly. outlines the perils of under- or over-inflated tires, and why tire pressure is so important. The effect it has on the performance and safety of your vehicle.

But the benefits of properly inflated tires will always deliver:

·   Safety Improvements

·   Efficiency Improvements, including fuel efficiency and pollution management.

·   Connectivity and Infotainment: Informational systems now give real-time traffic information, seamless smartphone connectivity, and other features.

Innovations in Air Inflation Equipment Technology

Air inflation has also advanced significantly from the manual pumps of the past, and Excel Tire has been a step ahead at every step. 

When we began with digital air inflation, no one else was delivering it.
Today, it is the standard.

Our machines will always be accurate and user-friendly, weather resilient and manufactured in the US with heavy duty stainless steel. Take a look at the innovation Excel has embedded into every one of air inflation machines, because quite frankly, we know air inflation. It’s all we do!

1.  Smart Inflation Systems: Electronic inflation is more accurate than a “compressor in a box” so our machines come with intelligent functions and options.

2.  Digital Displays: LCD screens offer real-time data, enabling users to keep an eye on the tire inflation process more easily. Excel’s service network and field technicians regularly maintain our machines. 

3.  Connectivity: Our most advanced innovations allow busy business owners to use an app to check and modify machines, change their pricing, watch their income, and so much more – right from their smartphone.

4.  Market Leader: Excel leads the market in service and performance of every part connected to our machines, because we know how important efficient operating time can be!

The Future of Air Inflation Machines

The future of air inflation devices appears bright as long as the automotive industry continues to embrace technological innovation. We anticipate even more advanced versions with better precision, connectivity, and the incorporation and use of AI technologies. These tools will facilitate tire care even more and make driving safer and more effective.


Technical improvements have significantly impacted the automotive industry, and air inflation devices are a prime illustration of how innovation will continue to improve our driving experience. These machines have firmly established themselves in the automotive industry, easing tire care and promoting environmental sustainability. We can only expect more advancements in this area in the future, further demonstrating the automotive industry’s dedication to research, and Excel’s role in that growth.

If you find this article helpful or have any suggestions, feel free to reach us!

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