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Revolutionizing the Way America Calibrates Tires: The Success Story of Excel Tire Gauge

Excel Tire Gauge is America’s leading provider of digital air inflation solutions. With over 150,000 units installed at gas stations and tire shops across the United States, we have earned our reputation by providing the highest quality digital air machines available. Our success did not happen overnight; it was the result of our unwavering focus on delivering high quality products and exceptional customer service. With over 24 years of dedicated hard work, we remain committed to keeping production local, maintaining high standards, and providing our customers with the best possible air solutions available. 

Our journey began in the late 1990s when our founder and president, Jay Nelson, traveled to Brazil and met with the owners of EXCELbr. Recognizing the opportunity to introduce their automatic tire inflators to the United States, he partnered with them to revolutionize the air business by taking the guess-work away and creating a better, faster, efficient solution for the air inflation industry.

This decision marked the start of our journey towards becoming the industry leader.

The initial success of our automatic tire inflators at tire shops and gas stations was a driving force behind Excel Tire Gauge’s continued dedication to innovation. This drive led to a significant breakthrough years later when Excel developed and introduced the self contained air tower with credit card and online communications, which revolutionized the digital air inflation industry.  Our growth and our customers’ success is now driven by data.

Looking to the future, Excel Tire Gauge remains focused on our mission of delivering the highest quality air solutions to our customers. We continue to innovate, explore new markets, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital air inflation industry. 

Jay’s vision and leadership, along with a passion for excellence and exceptional customer service, has created a dedicated team that will keep Excel Tire Gauge at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

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