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The Top 5 Benefits of Investing in a Free Air Machine at Your Tire Shop

In a world where convenience rules supreme, coming across a local tire shop with a “Free Air” sign is inviting. A free air machine in front of your tire shop goes way beyond simply inflating tires for customers; it distinguishes your company as a reliable service center, willing to assist both customers and non-customers and provides a reliable location for drivers where assistance is available any time.

There are several advantages that air machines can bring to your tire shop. Air will become more than simply must-have machines; they will become an attractive draw for a successful tire business.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Free Air Machine In Front Of Your Tire Shop?

Attract More Customers

Imagine the tempting appeal for passersby to pause on their journey, interact with your company, and maybe meet friendly service members – all curbside at a free air machine.

It’s a doorway to meaningful encounters beyond simply pumping air into tires. Businesses should never underestimate the power of place. As drivers fill up their tires, you have a special opportunity to establish trustworthiness, spot possible problems, and become their go-to source for all things tire-related. This initial act of kindness can turn a driver’s casual encounter into a future customer – boosting foot traffic and supporting the expansion of your business.

Excel Tire Gauge machines come in various colors or can be branded with your company’s logo.

Improve Customer Loyalty

For existing customers, loyalty grows as they experience the simplicity and importance of proper tire inflation, strengthening their bond with your brand. By creating a network of happy customers whose experience is improved with the added value of a free service, your shop will stand out from the competition.

This happiness results in five-star recommendations to friends and family and wonderful word-of-mouth referrals. As the word gets out, your tire store is associated with first-rate customer care, building a network of devoted clients who will come to you time and time again for all their tire needs.

Improve Customer Safety

Properly inflated tires are not merely a nice-to-have comfort but are essential for road safety. Imagine your car’s tires losing control during a quick maneuver or trying to maintain traction on a rainy day. Poorly inflated tires impair steering, cornering, and braking, which raises the possibility of collisions.

As a driver, you’ll feel the difference when you drive with the confidence that your tires are operating at their highest and safest performance level. Don’t let your travels get dangerous. More than just a convenience, a free air machine at your tire business acts as a safety net.

If you own a tire shop, improving your clients’ driving experiences by advocating routine tire checks and easy-to-use inflation services, you support their safety and security. You’re also actively promoting safer roads for everyone. A tiny step toward greater road safety.

Versatility for Every Tire Store: A Game-Changing Advantage

Imagine having a resource that expands the possibilities for what your tire company may provide while improving customer service. Adaptability and versatility are crucial qualities that help you stand out.

When a free Air machine enters the scene, it changes the game.

Imagine a client entering your tire store for a quick tire pressure check. They may drive a modest car, a tough SUV, or even a sizable truck. You have the ability to efficiently serve a wide range of automobiles if you have a top-notch free Excel Air machine.

Our Air Machines

Excel’s Free Air Machine is a user-friendly air machine that effortlessly inflates and deflates tires to their ideal pressure. Each machine has an integrated air compressor and is manufactured with a keen focus on simplicity. The machine is encased in a sturdy weather-protected steel cabinet. Our customers can create a design complimentary to their store while taking advantage of energy-efficient operation. Excel’s air machines are more than just required tools at a tire shop; they’re a dedication to hassle-free tire maintenance and repair.


The advantages of employing Excel’s superior air machines for your tire shop and drawing in customers to use it could be endless. Beyond simply offering free tire inflation, these devices have the power to transform your company and improve overall traffic safety.

It’s time to get moving and learn more about Excel’s advanced air machines. Make your tire business a safety center and place for customers and future customers to know your company. Join the owners who have embraced this innovative approach, and see how it can benefit your company.

Are you ready to take your tire shop experience to the next level? Contact us now to start your journey toward excellence. With our exceptional and innovative Air equipment at Excel Tire Gauge, you will improve your services, increase customer satisfaction, and positively impact road safety. Your path to success starts today.

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