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What is an automatic tire inflator and how do you choose the best one for your business?

Automatic tire inflators are very similar to digital tire gauges but with several improvements. Just like a digital tire gauge, they are designed to measure tire pressure accurately. However, they are connected to an air compressor which allows them to automatically inflate and deflate tires to the user’s desired pressure. Because the target pressure can be adjusted, automatic tire inflators can be used to correct tire pressure in virtually any vehicle that uses tires from cars to motorcycles, trucks, and even buses. To make inflation even easier, all Excel Tire Gauge inflators have a display where tire pressure information is easily viewed.

The Benefits of Using an Automatic Tire Inflator

Automatic tire inflators from Excel Tire Gauge offer many advantages over manual inflators, including:

  1. Automatic Inflation – There’s no need to swap between your tire gauge and inflator as both functions are built into the same machine
  2. Easy Of Use Our advanced-tech calibration head automatically inflates or deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. All the user needs to do is attach the chuck to their valve stem, set the target PSI, and wait. The unit will stop inflating as soon as the tire reaches the target PSI.
  3. Precision and Speed Our automatic tire inflators have been proven to reduce the amount of time it takes to check and inflate tires by up to 2 minutes per vehicle. Under ideal conditions, our air machines have been found to calibrate 4 tires in approximately 60 seconds.
  4. More Safety for Users The use of our advanced-tech calibration head greatly reduces the risk of injury due to over inflation of the tire. This improves the safety of customers and tire technicians.
  5. Durability – Our air pressure gauges also last for years. Their durability makes them a trusted tool for drivers who need emergency tire inflation. This goes a long way in helping the businesses that choose our products, make a lasting positive impression on their customers.

How Do You Choose the Best Tire Inflator for Your Business?

  1. Choose a sturdy device – The general durability of a tire inflator is very important, but there is more to it than that. Some models are designed specifically for tire shops, car washes, fleets, car rentals, or car dealerships and guarantee resistance to weather such as rain and excessive UV rays, heavy use, and more. Be sure to consider the conditions your air machine will need to resist and check with your supplier to make sure your tire inflator offers guaranteed resistance to those elements.
  2. Opt for easy-to-operate calibrators – Whether the person who will operate your inflator is a technician or a customer, it is important to provide that person with equipment that is easy to use. This simple detail makes all the difference in service provision and customer loyalty for most drivers while saving time and improving efficiency for technicians.
  3. Research the manufacturer’s history – When purchasing any type of product, it is essential to research the manufacturer. With tire calibrators for tire shop, this rule is even more important, considering the durability of the equipment. Offering low-quality technology can slowdown the operation and workflow of the technicians and frustrate customers. So it is important to understand the history of the brand of inflator you choose and that company’s reputation for product quality and service.
  4. Include warranty and technical assistance in your decision – A good brand stands behind their product and a warranty shows that company’s faith in the equipment they manufacture. Good automatic tire inflators will come with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Meanwhile, a track record of quality service and technical assistance will help keep that product well maintained so that it lasts for many years, making the investment worthwhile.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation – Most manufacturers offer several models of automatic tire inflators to fit a variety of applications and industries. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation will help you make sure the air machine you choose can handle your situation. This will provide better ease of use and equipment life.

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