How to increase gas stations sales with an air machine

In these trying times, owners and franchise partners everywhere are searching harder than ever for ways to increase sales at their gas stations and convenience stores. While bringing in new customers is always a focus, one of the best ways to increase those sales is to improve customer loyalty and repeat business with the customers that already visit your locations. The simplest and most effective way to promote repeat business is to provide the best customer experience possible.

Customer experience can change with every interaction a customer has with your business, from filling up their gas tank to interacting with your staff. However, one of the biggest opportunities to improve customer service is to be there for customers when they are in need. And when customers need an accurate tire pressure gauge or air machine for tires, it is important to provide them with a smooth and efficient tire filling experience. That’s where we can help.

How do Excel Tire Gauge Digital Air Machines improve customer experience?

The answer is simple. Our digital air filling machines are some of the easiest air machines for customers to use. While some may be very vehicle-savvy, the average customer is not a mechanic or tire technician. So making the process as simple as possible will be very helpful to them.

To operate any Excel Tire Gauge product, all the user needs to do is attach the chuck to their valve stem and set the target PSI. The machine will automatically inflate the tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. There is no need to pre-deflate the tire, check constantly with a car tire air pressure gauge, or shut the unit off as it reaches its goal. That ease of use will allow your customers to get more value from their time at your location, increasing their chances of making additional purchases and improving their overall experience at your gas station.

Paul Kaknes from K’s Gulf has seen the results of this firsthand. When we reached out to him for feedback, he replied:

“I just got the first revenue share check and had to tell you that this is at least double what I was getting from my previous provider, and their check included both air and vacuum. I have been getting positive feedback from everyone who uses it. They tell me they go out of their way to come here for air.

If customers “go out of their way” to visit your location for an air filling machine when they need it, traffic to your convenience store or gas station will increase and with that, your sales will increase as well. With the additional option to add custom branded decals to your Excel digital air filling machine, our products will provide further positive exposure for your brand.

Which digital air machine is right for my gas station or convenience store?

When it comes to picking the right digital air filling machine for your gas station or convenience store location, we recommend the SC12-SS, the SC09-SS, or the SC05-SS. However, if you are looking for a wall-mounted air machine, we also recommend the WM-SS Wall-Mounted air machine.

For a full breakdown of each machine we recommend for gas stations and convenience stores, click here.

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