PNT PRO vs. PNT Mini Pro: What should you buy?

The PNT PRO and PNT Mini Pro are both automatic air inflators compatible with air and nitrogen for indoor use. These two air machines are recommended to Tire Shops, Car Washes, Car Rentals, Dealerships, Fleets, Residentials and more. They share very powerful features to make your need for tire inflation easy, fast, and safe. Our engineers developed the PNT PRO and PNT Mini Pro taking into consideration durability and air inflation precision as the main advantages when comparing them with the other ones available in the market. But you want to know which one to buy. So, let’s jump right into the point and compare their features.

When considering PNT PRO vs. PNT Mini Pro, both have their benefits – but can often be utilized better for different tasks. Depending on how much you plan on using your air machine, you may find one more beneficial than the other. The PNT PRO is recommended for business with high demand of digital air inflation (more than 15 cars per day), while the PNT Mini Pro is for low demand (less than 15 cars per day.)

Another thing to consider, the PNT PRO can inflate tires up to 140 PSI and PNT Mini Pro only up to 80 PSI. Therefore, it is important to know for what vehicles you intend to use the air machine. If it is only cars and motorcycles, the PNT Mini Pro should be a good fit. But if you are looking to use for larger vehicles such as vans, trucks, and buses and then the PNT PRO is the recommended one.

What about warranty? We offer warranty for both automatic tire inflators, the PNT PRO has two years warranty while the PNT Mini Pro only one year warranty for all parts except chucks and hoses. In addition, the parts from the PNT PRO can be replaced after warranty is over but the PNT Mini Pro is non-repairable unit.

So, which air machine are you going to buy?

PNT PRO – Click here to shop

PNT Mini Pro – Click here to shop (Out of stock, it will be available in March 2022)


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