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How Much Can Your Fleet Save with Tires Properly Inflated?

Fuel is the freight company’s largest expenses beside the driver wages. With even the slightest underinflation of tires on trucks, buses and tractors can cause fuel waste and tire wear (not to mention the risk of road accidents). However, all these can be minimized when implementing a tire check procedure to proper inflate the tires of your fleet. According to NACFE, 3% of trailers and nearly 3.5% of trucks run with four or more tires underinflated by at least 20 psi. A truck running with all tires underinflated by just 10 psi means a 0.5% to 1% increase in fuel consumption.

The single best investment successful Fleet managers have made is investing in technology to actively manage fleet tire pressure. Equipment to support effective tire check procedure, such as the PNT PRO Automatic Tire Inflator by Excel Tire Gauge, are readily available, industry proven and offer a rapid return on investment. With an investment of $695.00 for this tire inflator, your fleet can save $750 to more than $1,000 per vehicle per year. The value of appropriate tire pressure is significant, especially when considering the higher fuel and tire prices nowadays. In case your company does not have an air compressor, we offer the SC05-SS fully self-contained air machine, made in stainless steel cabinet, easy to use, easy to install and with 1 year warranty.

We are proud to be the America’s leader in tire inflation, with over 300 Fleet companies around the U.S. using our tire inflators. Our team of experts in the fleet industry who are always happy to answer your questions, provide recommendations, and discuss how our air solution can help your fleet.

Check out our Return-on-Investment Calculator by clicking in this link and scrolling down to the last section of the page.

For more information, call us today at (401) 732-8420, or contact us via the online chat.

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