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The Future of Digital Air Inflation: Predictions and Trends for the Automotive Industry

Historically, the automotive industry consistently pushes the envelope of what is possible, and digital air inflation technology for tires is no exception. Excel Tire Gauge strives to innovate and implement advances in our technology every day.

In recent years, we have seen that digital technology for tires is becoming a game-changer for cars and trucks. It’s allowed us to offer enhanced user convenience and speed, tire safety attached to digital car controls, and more favorable environmental effects. This post examines the trends that will drive innovation for digital air inflation in the automobile sector.

The Current Landscape

Understanding our current situation is crucial before looking ahead. Tire pressure monitoring systems have existed for quite a while. Tire pressure systems installed in cars use sensors that give the driver real-time feedback. We don’t question this established technology; there’s more to come. First and foremost, we know that accurate calibration of tire pressure directly supports automobile safety, fuel economy, and safer roads and highways.

Safety First

When your tires aren’t inflated for their best performance, dangerous outcomes can result. According to Michelin, a world leader in tire sales, a difference of 1 bar, or 14 psi, from the vehicle manufacturer’s pressure recommendation can increase the braking distance on wet roads by about 36 feet! 

The right tire pressure is essential for driving safety. Michelin’s website further states, and we agree, that underinflated tires result in:

  • reduced tire grip,
  • hydroplaning,
  • longer stopping distances, and
  • an elevated risk of accidents. 

These factors can be deadly in the winter, especially with more water, snow, and ice on the road. At Excel, we take tire safety seriously, and our digitally calibrated air inflation machines are tailored to adapt to every automotive industry’s demands. 

Fuel Efficiency = Environmental Impact + Tire Sustainability

Keeping tire pressure at the recommended level also improves fuel economy. According to, proper tire inflation results in less rolling resistance, which requires the engine to work less, resulting in lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Even with the increasing growth of electric vehicle sales, tire technology remains important. When tire shops and car care centers have Excel machines on site, checking your tires is simple, fast, and efficient. 

Any tire that is underinflated will deteriorate faster, so whether you run on fuel or electricity, it pays to stay aware of tire health! 

Predictions for the Future

What can we anticipate for the car industry’s use of digital air inflation in the future? 

We are positioned for the ever-changing market at Excel Tire Gauge, America’s leader in digital air inflation. With automobile innovation comes tire and air inflation innovation. We are already seeing the high value of safety in self-driving cars and the changes that electric vehicles will bring. Automobiles will always change, so we remain proactive for change. Here are a few of our predictions:

  • Integration with Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will increasingly rely on precise data delivery to make split-second choices based on safety. In this scenario, precise tire calibration will be essential for ensuring that the tires are consistently in the best condition for safe autonomous driving.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Pair with Digital Air Inflation.

Imagine stopping to charge your vehicle and have a short period for… what? It’s a great opportunity to use that time to check your tires, ensuring their wear and tear sustainability alongside driving safety.

  • Advanced-Data Analytics

Future auto technological systems will check tire pressure and gather and examine information on driving practices, road conditions, and tire degradation. The safety and performance of a vehicle will constantly be optimized using this data, and maintenance requirements will become more regular.

In a way, it’s the hi-tech version of auto service in the old days – when all gas stations were full service and offered a window washing and tire check!

  • Sustainable Materials

With environmental awareness growing, the automobile sector is not an exception. Tire sensors and parts are likely to be built of eco-friendly materials, helping to further reduce the carbon footprint of automobiles.

                                                                   The future of tire technologies promises a smoother,
                                                                         more comfortable ride and better handling.


Digital air inflation in the automotive industry has a bright and exciting future, with sustainability, efficiency, and safety advancements. We anticipate that digital air inflation and tire performance will become even more essential as technology develops to make cars safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

Excel Tire Gauge offers cutting-edge solutions if you’re ready to enjoy digital air inflation’s advantages immediately. Learn more about how Excel Tire Gauge can improve your driving experience by visiting our website.

Technology and good driving practices will make our roads safer and more environmentally beneficial for future generations. Get in touch with us to begin your journey toward safer, high-performance travel.

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