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Excel Tire Gauge Creates a Win-Win for Gas Station & C-Store Owners

With our constant desire for on-the-go necessities, the Gas Station/Convenience Store is a lifeline for all travelers – whether they are driving five or five hundred miles. Owners are adopting new and creative solutions that are essential to great customer care in an industry that is quick to change. Digital air inflation machines are one such innovation.

Excel’s digital air inflation machines are revolutionizing the way gas station/convenience store owners operate by providing them with benefits that are over and above simple tire inflation. Excel Tire Gauge implements ongoing research and development to improve and align their products with market trends and opportunities that create a win for the gas station convenience store owner, and a win for their customers. 

Our innovative tools provide ease, dependability, and revenue prospects. Excel understands the difficulties experienced by operators of gas stations and convenience stores. By utilizing our data, we are able to equip companies with an easy way to expand in this dynamic environment.

Utilizing the power of digital air inflation devices will boost customer satisfaction and support your company’s growth. Take a look at the way our machines and technology can transform business operations, boost income streams, and raise the bar on customer experience.

Market Overview:

Over one million people are employed in the $6.5 billion gas station/convenience store industry, thanks to the industry’s extensive network of more than 120,000 companies. 

Excel Tire Gauge has decades of experience servicing a large percentage of this market, and learn from both owners and customers to refine an automobile care product that is highly efficient, easy to use, safe, and affordable.

Several important elements are shifting the gas station/convenience store industry, and will shape the need for a secure response.

  • Oil Prices: GS/CS’s profitability is directly impacted by changes in oil prices.
  • Work-from-Home: It’s vital for GS/CS businesses to adjust to this shifting consumer behavior as work-from-home mandates change.
  • Vehicle Miles Traveled: Through 2023, there is an expected increase in driving activity with an annualized growth of 1.4% is anticipated. Are GS/CS ready to serve the customer demand?
  • Electric Vehicles: The increased demand for electric vehicles brings both opportunities and obstacles. To meet the changing needs of electric vehicle owners, gas station operators are including charging stations and evaluating customer behaviors during charging wait time.

In response to a
n ever-changing market, Excel Tire Gauge remains committed to revolutionizing the way America calibrates tires by creating win-win options for all GS/CS owners.

As a valued partner for owners of gas stations and convenience stores, Excel Tire Gauge is well-positioned to stay on top of these trends and provide owners with opportunities that increase customer delight and drive revenue generation.

Most importantly, Excel Tire Gauge delivers a superlative branded solution for all GS/CS locations that builds income and customer loyalty.

GS/CS operators will be able to draw in more customers when they provide dependable, competent services that support the safety and the significance of regular tire inflation and maintenance. Our easy-access solution fosters trust, encourages repeat business, and boosts the bottom line.

Pain Points for Gas Station/Convenience Store Owners in 2023

In 2023, running a gas station or convenience store has its share challenges!

The rising cost of accepting credit cards is a key concern for owners, topped off with rising operational costs, make it more and more difficult to maintain profitability. Growing inflation, high unemployment rates, cost increases for inventory, or general building upkeep are additional difficulties imposed on maintaining a facility that offers clean efficient product offerings and great customer service.

Keeping the doors safely open has forced owners to protect employees and customers by reducing hours, impacting their ability to gain revenue. The need to improve security measures and reduce hazards has been elevated to a key priority.

At Excel Tire Gauge, we listen and know these challenges become a constant rebalancing between finding and keeping trustworthy employees, and responding to the industry’s demanding nature.

Excel Tire Gauge’s Win-Win Solution

Profit and Revenue Generation:

By delivering gas station and convenience store owners ongoing income for investments or profitmaking, our sleek air inflation machines provide a practical way to balance challenging income variations. Our expert installers make this an easy addition on any building or in any parking lot.

Educating Customers on Benefits:

As customers become educated on the safety benefits of properly inflated, and are able to easily use the air inflation equipment, customers will find this priceless service builds trust and customer satisfaction.

The options for store owners for customer loyalty are endless – free tire inflation days, gas fill-up specials, loyalty cards – while these initiatives set owners apart from rivals and strengthen enduring client relationships.


Digital air inflation machines from Excel Tire Gauge are game-changers for the gas station convenience store owner. They deliver each owner a smoother ride on the bumpy road of business ownership and market fluctuations.

By equipping owners with care-free installation, and expanded revenue potential, gas station convenience store owners will be prepared for a future that includes changing oil prices, workplace variations, or more electric vehicle charging stations. Excel Tire Gauge’s cutting-edge solution will steady your company and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Contact us to explore our state-of-the-art digital air inflation options and expand your business’s earning potential. Take the first step towards transforming your gas station/convenience store today!

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