Is your digital air machine profitable?

Do you know how much revenue your air machine brings in each month? What about the amount of revenue your air machine has made this month right up to this exact moment? If you’re using Excel Tire Gauge Digital Air Machines, you can answer these questions immediately thanks to our Wireless Monitoring System.

How to Find Out If Your Air Machine Is Profitable?

Through our Wireless Monitoring System, Excel Tire Gauge provides real-time access to your air machine’s revenue by coin and credit/debit card when you access our Portal. You can access this Portal using any computer or phone that is convenient for you. This makes gathering data and managing multiple machines at multiple locations incredibly easy.

You do not have to visit every location and check each machine individually to find out how much money each air machine made over time, how many coins are in each air machine’s vault, or how much revenue you gained via credit card payment. In competitive industries like the c-store, tire shop, auto rental, dealership, and fleet management industries, this provides you with more time and more accurate data – both of which can be used to your advantage.

What Makes Excel Tire Gauge Air Machines More Profitable?

The Wireless Monitoring System is not the only advantage you get when you use an Excel Tire Gauge air machine! After all, our machines are typically used 30% more often than the competition’s machines. This is partially because our products are loaded with great features that make them easier to use, improving customer experience and promoting repeat business.

  1. Excel Technology – Our air machine comes with an advanced-tech calibration head that automatically inflates or deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the user’s desired pressure. As a result, customers who use Excel Tire Gauge air machines are more likely to return for future tire inflations. This can increase pay air sales up to 45% vs. regular air inflators.
  2. Credit Card Machine – This feature gives the customer another option to pay for air and vacuum services. Not everyone carries quarters in their car these days and this feature ensures that those coinless customers do not turn away from your location. In 2019 46% of revenue from Excel Air Machines were with a credit card.
  3. Vacuum – You can offer more services to your customers by adding the vacuum attachment. This is another feature that customers will appreciate!

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of using Excel Digital Air Machines, we recommend reading “Excel Tire Gauge Air Machines vs. Regular Air Inflators.”

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